Take Ten Reflexology -
Summer Special
-- June 2 - August 17, 2019 --
Take $10 off a 1-hr foot reflexology session (new clients only).

Our Mission
Our mission is to transport our clients to a state of serenity and balance by providing outstanding treatments in a safe, caring
and peaceful environment.

Reflexology can help:
~ Alleviate stress & body tension
~ Create a state of total relaxation
~ Improve circulation
~ Balance the hormonal system
~ Regulate bodily functions
~ Improve lymphatic drainage & clear sinuses
~ Reduce headaches & musculoskeletal pain
~ Produce an overall sense of well-being

By applying pressure on the reflex points located on the feet & hands, the body relaxes, stress is reduced and the energy flow throughout the body is restored naturally.

Reflexology is a wonderful stress-reliever for any time of day. It's easy to squeeze in an appointment during lunch, a break or even on your way home because clients remain fully clothed. Only shoes & socks are removed for a Foot Session.

5 Crystal Pond Rd., Southborough, MA ~ 508-335-2939